Damn it, my sims in Sims 2 are ugly.

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I’m gonna poop on you if you don’t give me that Sims 4 Demo! 

Anonymous asked: i've never been so bored of editing something until I tried to edit your photo… 3.3

If you don’t want to edit them, then don’t do it.

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simlychic asked: i have 2 questions i love your photos and i was wondering if you have any tips that could make my editing better like some tutorials and some tips you have and my second question is if you have any unedited pictures would you mind me editing them? <3

Thank you ;3; ♥ 

Well, I think that luminosity in your game will already make a lot to your pictures! About the editing, I’m no help. I just use some actions on Photoshop CS5, crop pictures and that’s it.

Here you go for the unedited pictures x

Anonymous asked: are you back? i miss yo

Hm, I spent at least 4 hours in ts3 today and couldn’t do anything good. I’m not able to post anything about sims, I wish I could but everything I do is really bad so.. It’s not like I was gone, I was still here, liking posts and stalking some of you. 

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Now anyone can get the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection without having to harass some EA employee. You can find instructions here. The code is only redeemable until July 31st, so grab it while you can!

OH MY GOD! I needed this! Thank youuu ♥ I wanted to play the Sims 2 so bad, but I was too lazy to install all the ep/sp and now, I have them all just with one download from Origin.. That’s so cool :D Do it!

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Sometimes I just want to hit people.. with a baseball bat..

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Anonymous asked: You are perfect!!!! <3

ow nooooo, YOU ARE ♥ Who are you? ;3;

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Anonymous asked: OMG CUTENESS OVERLOAD *explodes*

Uhuhu :3 

Anonymous asked: *boops your nose* Ask yourself again, if i don't follow your blog it's because i'm following......

Me? :D

(As you may know, I’m really awkward and.. I don’t know what to say uhuhu)

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mori-summer asked: This is a tumblr butt touch. Pass this to at least 10 of your favorite blogs to show them how much you love their butt. Make sure you don’t break the chain or your butt will deflate. Happy tumblr butt touching!(。ˇ ⊖ˇ)♡

Oh. My. God. 

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Anonymous asked: Aaaaaand you think your blog is the reason i'm following you ? *winks with puppy eyes*

Why would you follow me then? :o 

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People keep following me even though I’m not posting anymore.. I’m not really into the game right now, I just want the Sims 4 now and I was watching Teen Wolf.. I don’t know what to do. I may play my game tonight and come up with a new sim which will look like all my others sims. Maybe.

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My name is Nadège, I’m a 20 years old and I'm from France